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Globally Recognized CNC Machining from Manteca, CA

Since first opening our doors back in 1984, the team at DKW Precision Machining, Inc. has excelled when it comes to CNC machining in Manteca, CA. Clients from around the globe have recognized over the decades that we are committed to consistently providing the highest quality machining services at the most competitive rates. This has led our machining shop to work with the world’s foremost leaders across some of its most crucial industries, including industrial production, medical equipment, and aerospace innovation.

With our overarching vision to deliver the highest level of efficiency and durability to everything we do—there is no room for compromise. Our clients' high standards of excellence are always of our utmost concern, and we dedicate ourselves to meeting their exact requirements.

Foundations of Quality

DKW Precision Machining, Inc. began as something simple—just two brothers in a modest two-car garage in San Jose. Kurt and Doug Franklin worked with what they had available to design and fabricate products with an unmistakably professional level of quality. Their reputation for exceeding the quality and client care customers expected propelled them into a broader marketplace as well as to more skilled projects.

Since that time, our global footprint has only continued to expand. We began taking on more modern and complex industries while consistently meeting the challenges of the ever-evolving needs of today’s enterprises. Thanks to our streamlined and effective production process, we have the foundation to develop and succeed whether we are welding, designing, or performing any other type of CNC machining services in-between.

Our clients know that we will prioritize accurate delivery times, competitive pricing, and customer care every time they come to us. This is what has solidified our position in the world market.

Confidence In The Market

At our state-of-the-art 14,750 sq. ft. facility in Manteca, we can accommodate the growth and development we anticipate in today’s global economy. Never satisfied with “good enough,” our team is unrivaled when it comes to the quality of our production, which helps instill confidence in our clients. Precision is the key to our success, and we strive to achieve it in every area of our machining shop.

Fabrication From Top To Bottom 

Supplying custom parts both locally and abroad, our team uses highly intricate CNC machining to produce equipment and supplies for a wide range of industries. Whether you need the most miniature screws or the most intricate gears, we will deliver what you need when you need it.

The process begins by converting your designs into CNC files. Then, we create and test the prototype for you. The precision CNC machining we offer not only delivers accurate fabrication, but also produces quick manufacturing runs. That means you can turn to us when you need the right parts fast. There is no other machine fabrication company capable of scaling production to your needs quite like DKW Precision Machining, Inc. Contact us today to take advantage of our experience and dedication to fabrication.