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About Our Precision Machining Company

DKW Precision Machining, Inc. is a specialty precision machining company based in California. Since 1984, we have been providing high-quality machining services at competitive rates to a wide range of clients. From industrial production to aerospace innovation, we support the continuing development of the world’s foremost leaders across some of its most crucial industries. 

Everything we do has one goal: bringing the highest level of efficiency and durability to every client. We accomplish this through a combination of highly trained team members and an overarching vision that doesn’t allow for compromise. Our company serves clients who want to be the best there is at what they do–and that drives us to pursue the same standard of excellence.

A Simple, Solid Foundation   

Though we’ve always wanted to be one of the best machining shops in the world, we began with something simple. Founded by brothers Kurt and Doug Franklin, the company started out in a two-car garage in San Jose, working with what they had available to craft products that embodied professional levels of quality and utility. From there, a reputation for workmanship and client care propelled the duo to ever-greater heights. 

In more than three decades, we’ve seen our share of change and upheaval. Expanding our services to the entire globe and taking on modern, complex industries with ever-evolving needs challenged us at times, but the streamlined, effective bedrock of our company sees us through to each new success. From our welding services to our design reviews, our priorities of on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and attentive customer care allow us to accomplish more for every client we supply. 

 Always Looking Forward

We never want to slow down. There’s always more to do, new fields to discover, and better solutions to find for those we serve. Now, based in our state-of-the-art 14,750 sq. ft. facility in Manteca, we have more room than ever to accommodate growth and development.

That’s what keeps us at the top of our industry. Our team is never satisfied with “good enough.” Instead, we strive for unrivaled optimization in every area of our precision machining company. For us, part of that objective is always seeking the next challenge to overcome.

Have a complex project that needs an innovative approach to succeed? We have the equipment, facilities, team, and attitude to help. Make us your go-to solution when you need machining that maximizes your operation’s safety and performance—every single time you work with us. 

Complete Fabrication Services 

At our company, we offer a number of fabrication services to clients both locally and abroad. Our fully-equipped shop is capable of crafting several custom parts allowing us to provide complete machine fabrication for a range of industries. From the smallest screws to intricate gears, our team has the experience to make the parts your company needs.

When you bring your project to our company, we will start by converting your designs into CNC files which our machining centers will use to make your parts. Once we are finished prototyping and testing your design, our machine fabrication company will be able to make the piece as many times as you need, always achieving a consistent and high level of precision. 

Experience with Countless Industries 

As one of the best machining companies in the world, we have extensive experience working with a vast number of different industries. Our precision capabilities allow us to craft the precise parts used in the aerospace and medical fields, while our rapid CNC machines let us handle quick manufacturing runs. No matter the size or scope of the project you need to be completed, our team will always ensure high-quality workmanship, and that only the best materials are used every time.

Contact us to take advantage of our experience and dedication with top-notch machining services. We proudly serve locally in Manteca, CA, and offer our services to industries worldwide.