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When precision matters, contact DKW Precision Machining, Inc. We specialize in design, engineering, and fabrication services for clients worldwide. Our fully equipped machine shop has the capacity to complete large projects to your specifications. We are committed to providing the highest quality in machined products in order to meet or exceed our clients' requirements and expectations. Contact us today for a free quote for our precision machining services.

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About DKW Precision Machining, Inc.

DKW Precision Machining, Inc. is a specialty precision machine shop based in California. Since 1984, we have been providing high-quality, precision machining services at competitive rates to a wide range of clients. Founded by brothers Kurt and Doug Franklin, the company started out in a two-car garage in San Jose, but we are now based in a state-of-the-art 14,750 sq. ft. facility in Manteca. Since our inception, our priorities have been to give on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and great customer service combined with total precision machining each and every time.

(209) 456-5709

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Quality in Precision CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control Machining is a revolutionary tool used in the mass production of industrial parts. The process of precision CNC machining involves the use of computers to control machine tools. This is beneficial in that the computer’s memory will be able to use this pattern repetitively. Count on CNC machining for accurate and efficient production of the parts you need.

Our Precision Machining Services

Using the latest precision machining, our well-trained machinists use a variety of cutting-edge tools to master your product. Our services include: 

Milling- Our precision machining shapes custom industrial parts with accuracy. Whether you need single parts or mass production, our manual and CNC milling machines will complete your project. 

Turning- We provide services in lathe turning for all of your rotational part needs.  Our team of machinists handle medium to high volume orders, using excellent precision.

Welding- Using the expertise of our welders, our machining company produces complex shapes or welds with complete accuracy. With CNC machining, we complete your large orders of parts in minimal time. 

Sawing- We use precision saws to cut plate and sheet to precise dimensions. Our saws allow us to quickly cut to plate, bar, billet, forging, or castings.

Painting- Improve aesthetics and protect your parts from weathering with our paint services. Our skilled paint jobs add longevity to all of your products. 

Plating- Plating metal is a great way to ensure that your part is resistant to corrosion and heat. Increase the strength and hardness of your pieces with our plating services. 

Expertise in Precision Machining 

When you hire an experienced company like DKW Precision Machining, Inc., you receive quality work from skilled professionals in precision machining. We ensure that each product meets the exact dimensions you request. With precision CNC machining, the chances of error on your product are extremely low compared to manual machining. Furthermore, our company recruits and hires skilled machinists who run these machines with accuracy. Other benefits of utilizing our precision machining company are that we: 

• Eliminate Material Waste
• Reduce Material Costs

• Have Consistent Output
• Have Fast Production Cycles 

With the skill and effort that our machining company puts into your product, you can gain customer confidence that will further enhance your brand’s awareness.

Contact our company today to inquire about our precision machining services. We proudly serve customers nationwide.